Remedies for Cold Sores That Can Be Done At Home - By: Jacabo Jacobs

Are you looking for home remedies for fever blisters? If you are then it is likely that you are a fever blister sufferer yourself. One thing to know about these types of outbreaks is that they are caused by a virus that will never leave your body. There is no cure for the cold sore on lip virus. These outbreaks will not last long for most people but the trouble is that they will come back from time to time and cause trouble. There are several home cures for fever blisters to consider. The great thing about home treatments is that they are very affordable and most of the time they can be found at home. Therefore, a trip to the store will not be necessary.

Some home remedies will help aid with the itching and burning while others might even help numb the throbbing. You should never use utensils with anybody or kiss your boyfriend of girlfriend because this virus can spread very fast. The fever blister virus is highly contagious and will infect any person that comes into contact with it.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters-Several Things to Try

There are several home remedies for fever blisters that you can try to minimize the throbbing. Here are some examples of well known home remedies that will give you quick results.

Ice cubes are the first thing you should try. You might think that ice cubes are only great for a swollen ankle but this is not true, they are also good for numbing the itching and throbbing of a fever blister. This is the easiest remedy that you will find. The second thing to try is aloe juice or aloe gel. This solution only works when the fever blisters are still in its pre stages. If you feel an outbreak coming then try this home remedy. If your fever blister outbreak has already occured then you can try putting warm tea bags over the infected area. Home remedies for fever blisters don't get any easier than this. A tea bag is a great solution and will usually heal a blister in a few days.

Common salt can also be used as an alternate remedy. Using salt can sting a little therefore this might be one of the last treatments that you may want to try. Great success has been reported by many people with this method. A problem that most fever blister sufferers face is the hardening and cracking of fever blisters. This can make the fever blisters bleed and can be extremely painful. If your cold sores are getting hard then you might want to use Vaseline to try and soften them up.

Home Treatments for Fever Blisters-Last and Final Thoughts

If you are searching for home treatments for fever blisters then you might want to consider some of these natural treatments. They can save you a trip to the grocery store because they are inexpensive and can be found at home. Remember that ice cubes is the easiest thing to try first then you might want to consider Vaseline or even salt.

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