The Services Offered By Letting Agents In The Commercial And Residential Property Markets - By: James JR Robinson

Letting agents are property professionals who help both landlords and tenants in the complex world of property lettings. They utilize their professional skills to ensure that everything that is done in connection with the property is done correctly, or as correctly as possible under the particular circumstances of everyone involved.

Many letting agents are part of a large estate agency business. Some operate purely on the lettings side, and prefer to operate a stand-alone business that specializes in that sector only. There are benefits and drawbacks to be considered in both styles of operating. These advantages and disadvantages will also change with time and the vagaries of the property markets.

The assistance that letting agents provide can apply to transactions involving both residential and commercial properties. Broadly speaking, residential properties are the various different types of homes where people live, while commercial properties are the places where people work. These may include such places as factories, industrial lock-ups, offices or shops. On a larger scale, commercial properties can include shopping centres and entire office blocks.

However there are some types of commercial property handled by letting agents that are somewhere in between these two categories. These include the kind of places where people are accommodated for a short term, like hotels. Indeed, some very rich people actually live in hotels full time, but such places would still be classed as commercial properties.

Such places are also work places for the people who make everything run smoothly. These people include such staff as porters, cooks, waiters and chambermaids. There are also workplaces that serve as homes, for example a lawyer may start a legal practice from their house, the business may grow and the various rooms in the house become offices. The downstairs living room may double as a meeting room or reception room during office hours. Sometimes the home will be extended upwards to replace the living space that has been taken up by the business.

Residential properties serviced by letting agents include dwelling places from the largest mansion houses to the smallest apartments, and everything in between, including detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraced homes. If you are a landlord with a residential property to rent out, the best course of action is to find one of the many letting agents who operate in the villages, towns and cities of the United Kingdom.

As a landlord, you will want to make sure that you have the best advice when you rent out your property to the public. This is because if you do not do things properly, you may end up with a tenant in your residential property that causes you problems. Letting agents will be able to help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with bad tenants. Such pitfalls include tenants who do not pay their rent, which can cause financial pressure to the landlord who needs the rent payments to go towards their mortgage payments.

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