Create Cash on eBAY - Product Sourcing Criteria - By: Clementine Robertson

Locating product could be a prerequisite for those that need to make money on eBay. It is conjointly where the real fun begins. Occasionally locating product will be like wanting for a needle in a very haystack. That's particularly true when trying to add 'hot' merchandise to your offerings. It's doable to locate virtually anything, except for the 'hottest' merchandise, the price that will be required can mean little or no profit.
Start by examining your main suppliers. Observe a collection of criteria similar to the current:
v Products Must be in Your Core Sales Areas
v Product Quality is as Represented
v Customer Service Should be Outstanding
v Affordable Costs
v Prompt Delivery
v Products must be in our core sales areas - for a provider to be on your list, they must handle products that are among your core sales areas. To form cash on eBay, each provider must be in a position to support your core business area, with alternative 'nice deals' as a bonus. Purchase and then pass those 'nice deals' onto your customers.
v Product quality is as represented - this is often extremely concerning trust. You must be ready to trust your suppliers. Once they say that a particular product could be a bound means that's specifically what you expect to determine when the merchandise arrives. After they suggest a product that you are unfamiliar with, you wish to be able to count on that recommendation to be true. If you can't trust your suppliers, eliminate them from your list.
v Customer service must be outstanding - you must expect nothing but outstanding client service from your suppliers. This includes prompt replies to queries, quick turn-around on purchases, and notification of 'hot deals' once they become obtainable from the supplier.
v Reasonable prices - most eBay businesses are on a very tight profit margin. You would like to count on your suppliers to supply very cheap attainable pricing on their products. If there are ways in which to scale back costs, you would like to know. The less you pay on merchandise, the better the pricing for your customers! Everyone wins with this approach.
v Prompt delivery - you should look for 2 things in delivery. The first is pricing. As fuel costs increase, freight becomes a bigger and bigger part of the overall cost of merchandise. Look should to your suppliers to try and do everything potential to keep freight prices down. (We tend to have also started working with another business to coordinate shipments, for example. By combining our freight, we can usually acquire lower freight costs.) The other piece of the freight equation is speed of delivery. Once you've got got the merchandise, it is money that you need to turn around to invest in new merchandise while possible. You can not build money on eBay if you pay money for freight and then have merchandise simply sitting in somebody's warehouse. To that finish, expect your suppliers to ship immediately upon receipt of payment. Be positive to trace your incoming shipments to confirm delays are minimized.
The list actually appearance much like the list that eBay buyers use once they decide whether or not to bid on product, and then whether to convey positive feedback or not.
In addition to your sensible recent standby suppliers, develop a back-up list of second-tier suppliers. These suppliers are either counseled by somebody you trust, or that have found at tradeshows, in newsletters, or through some other means. Probably you've got completed solely one or two transactions, but some issue kept them from making your main provider list. Look to those second-tier suppliers for products when your main suppliers cannot help with a particular product that will make cash on eBay.
As a part of the method, raise each provider that can't furnish a desired product to recommend another source. Whereas this rarely meets with success, there can be times once you hit a homerun using this approach.
If your main suppliers and second-tier suppliers are unable to supply a product, conduct an web search. After you reach now, understand that you are visiting be investing a lot of your time not only looking for the proper provider, however conjointly in investigation of prospects.
Before we tend to ever accommodate a replacement provider create certain that the provider will give the specified product. Work to determine a price. If all is wanting positive, raise for references before you buy. Only after checking references ought to you progress forward with a purchase.
Invariably be terribly conservative together with your first purchase from a new supplier. There are just too many unscrupulous sellers who offer inferior product, poor service, or have alternative issues. You may not build cash on eBay with these problems.

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