Hammocks On The Market In Lots Of Shapes, Styles And Sizes - By: Judith Tika

Nowadays there are a variety of different hammock styles and most of these could be traced back to the places they were originally invented.

Just some of these designs include Mayan hammocks, Nicaraguan hammocks, the Nags head hammock and travel or jungle hammocks.

Obviously, each design has its own merits, weaknesses, colors and designs and while most are just made to take the weight of one person, there are several bigger models that could take the weight of several people quite easily.

For example, Brazilian hammocks are sometimes stronger than their counterparts as they are made of cotton instead of string, whereas naval hammocks are usually made from canvas or strong cotton.

Obviously the naval variety aren't going to win any design or artistic awards - they're more designed to be strong & tough and serve a purpose to provide accommodation on a naval vessel.

Venezuelan (or jungle hammocks as they are often called) are perhaps one of the better designs for keeping away nasty insects and water intrusion.

They're made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon which permit air to pass through them. They are also suspended from Dacron rigging which is again synthetic but doesn't sag or wear with age like other natural materials.

Synthetic hammocks also have water channeling features to channel the water away from the user and onto the ground and as stated earlier keep insects at bay.

Rope hammocks are also a popular if not more visually appealing style - they're sometimes set in wood with colored rope to match and they're a perfect addition to any yard setting - Hatteras hammocks is one such company that specializes in this format.

Last but not least, travel hammocks are designed to be more flexible alternatives to the tent because they're easier to setup and take down.

They also don't suffer from common tent problems like blowing over in a strong wind or having moisture creep up through the floor for clear reasons.

They are also lighter to carry and take up less space since less equipment is required to erect them.

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