3 Easy to Apply List Building Tips - By: Rubye Stowers

All Internet marketers understand how important it is to have an e-mail list and that is why it is important that you take it seriously if you truly want to build an online business. In this article we will talk about a few easy tips for building your list of subscribers.

Your subscribers need to be shown how much you value them--not just when they initially sign up to your list but later on as well. One of the best ways to show how much you value a subscriber is to send them a free and useful bonus item that they can actually use when they send you their information. An appropriate bonus gift for the "dog training" niche, for example, is a 50 page PDF report on tips for dog training. The potential is actually limitless when it comes to giving your subscribers what they need, as a gift and making them feel special. This is what will help you create a strong bond with the people who have opted in to your list and that can eventually lead to high profit margins.

So, don't just reward people for signing up, give gifts other times as well. This is one of the best ways to make your subscribers appreciate you and stay on your list. The rate of people unsubscribing will slow dramatically if you consistently over deliver to the people who opted in to your list. Reward your subscribers for positive acts like giving you good word of mouth and helping you build your list. All people like to get free gifts and there is no better way to build the trust of the people on your list. Once you start making sure your subscribers feel appreciated you will realize just how important the extra gestures are.

The best way to get new subscribers is to have your existing subscribers bring potential opt-ins to you. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising so you need to encourage the people on your list to bring in new subscribers. Give your subscribers permission to send your e-mails out to their friends or colleagues as incentives to subscribe to you. Build a "refer a friend" form for your site and ask your subscribers to send out the link for it.

In addition to those things, make sure your work is top-notch so that your subscribers will send it along simply because they enjoy it. Take advantage of this tactic if you want to see measurable results.

If you are trying to get someone to subscribe to a newsletter or an e-zine, it makes more sense to have a sample available so that potential subscribers can look through it to make sure they want it. Putting up the sample is easy to do and it can definitely increase your opt in rate. Also, if you've been running your newsletter for a long time now, you can simply have an archive of the previous issues that the prospects can go through before opting in. In conclusion, use the tips outlined in this article to build your own e-mail list.

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