Birthday Traditions And How They Have Changed - By: CD Mohatta

The tradition of celebrating birthdays started hundreds of years ago. However, even today they are celebrated with mirth and enthusiasm. The ways of celebrating birthdays have been altered over the years. Several new traditions have been introduced. They are as follows:

(1) Candles:
Originally, birthday candles were first used in the country of Greece. They used candles to make the cake glow so that it resembles the full moon. The ordinary candles on the birthday cake, are today introduced with candles of different shapes and colors. Numbered candles, magical candles, candle sparklers, etc have come out in the market, so much that nobody uses the ordinary candles anymore.

(2) Cakes:
There are two stories related to the history of birthday cakes. Some believe it was started by the Germans who used to prepare cakes out of bread in the shape of Jesus. Others believe that, it was started by the Greeks. The Greeks worshiped the Artemis (the Goddess of Moon) and as an honor to her they prepared a cake in the shape of the moon. Today you can get a birthday cake of absolutely any shape, size and color. Marzipan, different types of confectionery, chocolate coating, etc are used for the icing on the cake. Besides that, ribbons, flowers, miniature dolls, etc are used to decorate the cake further.

(3) Parties:
Traditionally birthday parties were only celebrated by kings. It was believed that evil spirits were most active on a person's birthday. Hence, it was a more of a ceremony to ward off evil spirits. Today birthdays are incomplete without it's share of parties. Parties are such an indispensable part of birthday celebrations that, there are various soaps that are aired commercially that showcase grand birthday parties.

(4) Gifts & Cards:
The custom of giving gifts, comes from the story of the three Wise men in the Bible who got gifts for baby Jesus. The custom of giving cards was started about a hundred years ago in England. Originally, cards were sent only when the person was unable to wish in person. Today gifts and cards are an inseparable part of every birthday celebration.

(5) Songs:
This custom was originally started over a hundred years ago. It was started by two sisters named Mildred and Patty Hill. The original words were 'Good morning to you' that got changed into 'Happy Birthday to you' after years. Today, this is a song is one of the most popular ones of all the songs ever composed. Several versions are also made of it. However, the original one still remains most popular one.

Above are the most common birthday traditions that have been religiously carried out for decades.

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