Four Tips For Setting Up An Aquarium - By: Kirsten Hendrich

Fish Keeping is a really popular hobby across the world, and many people are enjoying aquariums and the variety of fish you can keep in them. Keeping fish is a really good option for people who want a pet, but perhaps have lives that are too busy to fit in a more demanding pet such as a cat or dog. Many people also choose to set up an aquarium due to the aesthetic benefits, fish tanks can look absolutely amazing in any room, and add a really nice atmosphere. However, in order to be successful at keeping fish there is a basic amount of knowledge you must have. This article goes through four basic tips that can help you on your way to having a successful and long lasting aquarium.


The first thing you should be doing is going and looking at your different options. There is a huge variety in the types of aquariums you can have in your home, and also the species of fish that you can stock. It's important to think carefully about what will suit you best. Some species of fish will require more work and specialist knowledge than others, so make sure you pick something you feel comfortable with. Any decent aquarium store should have people on hand that can advise you, and likewise there are many forums and sources of information on the internet.


Once you have purchased and bought home your new aquarium, you must be patient! Don't ever feel tempted to rush the process of setting up and stocking your new aquarium. It's advised that you set your aquarium up, and leave it for at least a week before you stock it with fish. This gives the water a chance to settle and the filtration time to start working. Fish rely on the right balance of bacteria in the water, so just filling the tank up right away won't give them this vital water chemistry they need.

Stock Your Tank Slowly

After a week or so, it's probably wise to purchase a water testing kit from your local aquarium store. This will tell you for sure that your water balance is correct and ready for fish. Once you're sure that you are ready to stock your tank with fish, make sure you stay patient. Simply filling the tank up won't do your fish any good. As a good rule of thumb, you should probably stock no more than four fish at any one time. Again, this depends on the species you are keeping, but always seek advice before you buy and don't just rush into it.


To ensure the longevity of your aquarium and the fish that live in it, make sure that you put into place a regular maintenance schedule. This is something that's well worth reading up on, and if done correctly you should get rid of any potential issues before they even start. Things you should be doing on a regular basis could include; 25% water changes on a bi-weekly basis, cleaning your filter and cleaning the gravel and glass.

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