How To Make Wine At Home? - By: Abhinav Sidana

Wine is one of the tastiest drinks. Some of the wines are really expensive. But it is possible to make wine at home. So we need to know how to make wine at home. Actually, it is a very simple process. And the reward is a very nice one. We get really tasty wine. You might all be wondering about how to make wine at home, right? We tell you a very easy recipe to make wine at home.

How to make wine at home? To make wine at home, it is not all that difficult. First, it should be taken care that there are no dried or decayed fruits in the collection. Then the fruits should be squeezed to juice with hands or with the help of a juicer. Water should not be used in the process of making the wine as it will degrade the taste. Boiling the fruit is also not a good idea as this can also produce the same result. Grapes can be squeezed using the feet as well which is the right way to extract juice for wine. After extracting the juice, sugar should be added in ample amount. Usually, if the fruit is not very sweet, the sugar should be added accordingly.

According to the amount of sugar used, the amount of yeast added should also be increased. The yeast should be added to the juice only after powdering it and warming it for a few minutes in water. After this is done, the sugar should be dissolved in the fruit juice by slightly warming the mixture in a stainless steel container. The amount of yeast added increases the alcoholic effect of the wine.

The juice should then be transferred to a vessel which is called a fermentation vessel and should be tightly air-locked. The wine is usually left in the vessel for nearly a year. Wine always tastes better when it is kept for longer period of time. Every month, the bottle in the vessel should be checked. If there is a white film over the wine, it should be removed. Once you notice that there are no more air bubbles that comes out of the tightly locked cork or lid, the wine can be bottled in a sterilized bottled.

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