Caravan Holiday Parks – the Home of Great Holidays - By: Sam Paul

Ever wondered what happened to the great British holiday? You know: the one you used to go on when you were kids, where life was a riot of outdoors, fun and sun and dinner was always brilliant? You’d cook in the caravan and then enjoy baked potatoes and salad sat under the awning out front, before charging off to play with the neighbouring kids. That holiday never died – it just got forgotten about for a while. And now it’s back, in caravan holiday parks all over the UK.

The caravan park is a special place. It offers all the modern conveniences one would expect from a holiday – hot showers, electricity, even a restaurant and bar – in tandem with the great British outdoors. Caravan parks tend to be in spectacular locations, commanding wonderful views of countryside, coastline, hill and vale; and they offer the opportunity for glorious holidays in those surroundings at the kind of prices you thought had died out with your youth!

Caravan holiday parks usually offer a selection of touring and static caravan pitches – meaning guests get to enjoy the caravan lifestyle even if they don’t own a caravan. Generally speaking, one can expect to use a touring caravan pitch for around £5 a night more than one would pay for a straight tenting pitch; while a static would usually cost the same as a reasonably priced hotel room. With self owned statics, caravan parks become homes away from home: one simply chooses the park one likes and arranges to have a static located there permanently. Static pitching fees for caravan holiday parks tend to be levied annually and take into account an average occupancy over the year. Some sites will include electricity in this bill, while other caravan holiday parks levy a separate electric charge in the form of meter controlled camping points.

Either option – the static or the touring van – offers a perfect alternative to less peaceful family holidays. One tends to find a high concentration of young families at caravan parks, attracted by the cheaper prices and safe environment in which the kids can play. That makes for a superbly relaxing environment for the parents, who can watch as their own little ones make new friends, safe from the normal perils of busy main roads and crowded town centres. Caravan holiday parks offer an unrivalled opportunity for the children to get themselves back into Nature, without the worry that usually comes when kids run off to play in parks or in the woods: in a caravan park, there are hundreds of adults around to supervise, and the outdoor areas the kids are playing in are right in front of the vans.

Pitching a static in a holiday park delivers the added bonus of having a home away from home – a real holiday home that can be used year in year out by all members of the family. That means Christmas and birthday celebrations as well as the usual summer holiday periods. Using caravan holiday parks for static holiday homes lets even families on modest incomes enjoy the advantages of a permanent escape route to the peace and open spaces of the country.

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Author Resource : Caravan holiday parks are the perfect locations for young families to get away from towns and cities and spend a lovely weekend or holiday in peace.