Get Pregnant After 40 With An All Natural Pregnancy System - By: Linda Cole

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It is no longer impossible for women in their early 40's to get pregnant. As the world has changed so have women's roles in society. No longer seen as just homemakers many women are pursuing careers and running their own businesses. This takes hard work and a lot of years can go by establishing themselves so starting a family can often be put on the back burner until time can be put aside.

Many older women after trying to get pregnant find they are infertile. Because women are born with all the reproductive eggs they will ever need by the time they get to their mid 40's their ovarian reserve may be low.

Their first port of a call may be conventional fertility treatments, which will consist of drugs and programs such as IVF. (In vitro fertilization) This is when a woman's eggs are taken from her, fertilized in a laboratory with her male partner's sperm and then injected back into her womb. If this is not considered possible donor eggs may be suggested. This is where eggs are taken from a younger woman fertilized then put into the older woman's womb. Many couples find this process a hard decision to make fearing it will put a strain on their relationship.

Modern medicine generally has side effects and those experienced by a woman undergoing fertility treatments are not pleasant. Multiple births where the babies are born premature and sickly. Dizziness, headaches, nausea and the possibility of ovarian cancer are what you can expect.

After enduring so much pain and sickness you would think getting pregnant would be a certainty. The extra bad news is that you may not. The conception rate at these fertility centers is not that high. Would you believe that 90% of women who undergo these treatments do not conceive and the sad part is some of them remain on IVF programs for years because they cannot bear to give up. The desire to have a baby is so strong and genetically ingrained in most of us.

It is not until some women are told they can never get pregnant they look at the options. They soon discover that women are getting pregnant naturally no matter what age they are or fertility problems they might have. This must come as a shock to many women who had been convinced that modern medicine could help them conceive.

It is in fact this modern world and all its advancements that is causing infertility in men and women to rise year by year. Pollution and factories that manufacture heavy metals and plastics are all responsible for couples struggling to have a family.

Unhealthy lifestyles littered with bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and caffeine addiction are a recipe for fertility disaster. High stress levels are proven to reduce fertility, as is an unhealthy diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals needed to conceive and carry a baby to full term.

Once you make the decision to work with natural methods in order to get pregnant your life will see some positive changes. You will have to look at your current lifestyle and see what it is you are doing to cause the illness in your reproductive system. Once this is addressed and you are on a path to premium health you will not only feel fantastic you will possibly get pregnant very quickly.

It may be recommended you have Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines to treat the problem at its source. This is especially good for older women as it encourages blood flow to the reproductive system helping the eggs grow and improve in quality.

The good new about a holistic approach to getting pregnant is there are no drugs administered and it is relatively pain free. Another bonus to a natural pregnancy is the cost as conventional fertility treatments are very expensive. For many couples this kind of treatment would not be possible.

Choose natural methods to get pregnant and you will finally get pregnant.

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