Switch to DISH Network to Avail the Best Satellite TV Packages - By: Mark William

DISH Network is held in high esteem in the realm of satellite TV entertainment in the United States. It has brought a revolution in entertainment arena with thoughtfully designed packages. Since its inception, DISH Network has provided utmost care to the needs and choices of the television viewers. The packages are the best example that could be placed in this regard. Opting for DISH Network package means getting the best value for your money. In this article we will discuss about the English packages that are offered by this satellite TV service provider.

For the viewers, DISH Network offers four exclusively designed packages. These are America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120 Plus, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250, and America's "Everything" Pak. Each of these packages has been designed to meet the needs and expectations of the satellite TV viewers.

America’s Top 120 Plus pack of DISH Network brings the best TV channels to the home of the viewers. With this pack you can watch more than 120 top American channels at a very affordable cost. You can watch channels like CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel, etc. Are you asking how much you need to pay for this pack? It is only $29.99 per month. This means, by paying this small amount you can enjoy the best of entertainment being at home.

America’s Top 200 is yet another notable satellite TV pack which is available for just $39.99 per month. This is the most popular DISH Network package in the United States. The viewers can watch wide selection of programming options with this pack. Along with the best of family programming choices, it also includes over 60 SIRIUS music channels and news channels. For the sports buffs it comes with top sports channels such as NHL Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, CBS College Sports, etc. Based on your area zip code you can also watch local channels as well.

Do you want more? Then it is better to go for America’s Top 250 pack. By subscribing this pack, the viewers can avail the opportunity to watch more than 260 top all-digital channels. And for this, they need to pay just $49.99 per month. For the movie buffs, the pack includes 15 movie channels where you can watch the finest movies. Apart from channels like Bloomberg Television, BET, Biography, ESPNU, Hallmark Channel, The Golf Channel and The Outdoor Channel, the pack also includes History channel, 6 Encore channels, FOX Movie Channel, Discovery Kids and History Channel International.

Those who feel television is the best mode of entertainment for them DISH Network brings America's "Everything" Pak. A total of more than 295 all-digital channels including Regional Sports Network are delivered with this pack. There are over 31 commercial-free premium movie channels for the movie freaks. You can subscribe this pack at just $84.99 per month.

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Author Resource : With DISH Network packages you can enjoy programs in HD mode without spending extra bucks. Choose any of the English packs and watch satellite TV programs with your family.