Street Fighting Secrets - What You Might Not Be Learning in a Class - By: Ronnie Buckley

In general street fights are complicated and messy. It's one sure-fire way to get beaten up stupidly by macho men and self-proclaimed thugs hungry for blood, but these things don't just exclusively occur on their side of the town. Every single one of us can come into a situation like this - men, women, gays, lesbians, etc - and no gender was custom made to win all the time. The worst thing is that in most cases these street fights end up in hospital. Either for one or for both parties.

If not equipped with the right street fighting moves, and the right attitude, the chances of making it out of a street fight alive would be as slim as a needle. It's always easy to threaten someone with words, but punching someone in the face would take more than just cattiness to really hurt.

No matter whether you are a strong man or a woman, you need some tactics so you can defend yourself in a street fight. Find below three essential things you should keep in mind when trapped in a street fight:

1) Be Realistic
You have to understand that movies are movies, reality is completely different. Jackie Chan impersonations aren't enough to scare opponents away. Most people aren't even physically capable of charging high kicks let alone, dodge a bullet or anything theatrical like that. The best thing you can do is to aim your opponent where it really hurts; Target weak points of the body like the face, the shins, and the privates. That would be a kicker.

2) Strike 'til He Strikes Out.
Make sure to keep a distance from the attacker, but it's always best to be the first one to strike. It's better to be on aggressive mode, while the opponent stays on the defensive. This will make the opponent lose focus, giving more opportunities to charge until he hits the ground. Don't give your attacker openings. You never know how hard he may hit you. The best areas to strike first are the eyes, the nose, or the groin.

3) Be Resourceful
Look around you and try to find items which could be used as weapons - plates, chairs, glass, or bottles. - your goal should be to distract the attacker or slow them down. Distractions are perfect opportunities for surprise attacks, plus throwing something at someone could be an excellent stress buster too.

Keep in mind that in street fight there is nothing unfair. Street fighting is about surviving and playing dirty to save your butt is absolutely legit. You should also keep in mind that in every street fight the most powerful weapons are a clear mind and common sense.

After all, brains are still more important over brawn. Good street fighting moves can give a person the upper-hand even if his opponent is faster and bigger than him. Whatever happens, just think fast, be smart, move quick, and when all else fails, RUN!

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