Psychic Gifts - Do not Let Fear Or Ignorance Stop You From Developing your Gifts. - By: Linda Cole

Copyright (c) 2010 Linda Cole

When you make the decision to explore your psychic abilities you open a door that will answer a lot of questions.

Those feelings of déjà vu that many of us have when we meet someone or go to a new place will begin to make more sense. The truth is you may be having memories from a past life. Further exploration may explain who you were and what you were doing back then.

That feeling when you just know things (claircognizance) and can predict future events is going to have so much more meaning if you can define it as a special ability instead of being something that happens to you often and for reasons you have no idea of.

With clairvoyance (seeing things others cannot) and clear audio (hearing voices when no one is present) what you see or hear is going to be easier to recognize as a psychic power because it is not something you can easily ignore as is the case of other more ambiguous gifts.

The recipients of abilities such as claircognizanze and clairsentience (the power to touch an object or person and have strong feelings or emotions) often discount them due to religious beliefs or fear. Because they are harder to define they are easier to ignore.

Psychics have long been considered devil worshippers by members of the church and in olden times were often burnt at the stake. The ignorance of mankind is responsible for keeping the psychic world in the shadows instead of poised in the light where it belongs.

When we become aware we have a gift such as singing or painting we tend to embrace it but when we think we have a psychic gift we often suppress it for fear of condemnation. It all comes down to some people being very fixed in their beliefs and incapable of opening their hearts and minds to the possibilities.

It is also unfair to judge all psychics by those who choose to defraud this ancient institution. There are con artists and scammers active in every walk of life and occupation.

When I began my own personal journey regarding my psychic development I was told I was delving in the devils work and for a time it scared the hell out of me. I now know these are divine gifts given to people of the world to help them understand the bigger picture.

If you have fears then call on the archangel Michael who is a protector and defender. He hears everyone and will be there to watch over you.

Also surround yourself with white light. You can make up your own version, which may be a big white bubble that forms a boundary around you. So many people do not realize that the after life has good and bad people just like here on earth. We have police and law enforcement here to protect us as well as our own common sense. But once we open ourselves to unknown territory through our psychic abilities we need to put a force field of safety around us. When people pass over who have not been good-natured in their lives they will carry that with them. I once heard a prominent and highly regarded psychic say. 'It is not the dead I fear it is the living.'

The point I am making is these are people that were living on earth so the same rules apply. Perhaps if you respectively saw the archangel Michael as the police of the afterlife it would help you fear less. The unknown has always held a clock of mystery around it as well as an apprehension to look further.

On a lighter note one of the psychic abilities that is dear to my heart is the one that allows you to talk to your pet friends. I have 5 best friends comprising of 2 small dogs and 3 cats. I talk to them telepathically which is the way animals communicate with each other to find out their innermost thoughts and feelings. Since I was very young I have been drawn to the animals and have had some incredible friendships through the years.

It is very easy to learn to talk to your animals and like anything it just takes practice. The rewards are certainly worth it and you will able to understand the way they see the world they are living in.

My intention with this article is to encourage you to embrace your psychic powers and not to be influenced by those lacking the courage to support you on your journey. Developing these gifts can give you happiness good health and wealth as well as more insight into the human spirit.

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