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If you're chatting with someone, it is fairly likely that you must be keen to know as to what must be going on in other person's head. While you can't do any mind reading, there is always an opportunity of reading the body language. Reading body language is an easy thing to do, provided you comply with the provided suggestions properly.

If you wish to read body language, then start off by reading the hands. If the hands of a person are open, it could imply that he/she is relaxed and at ease. Open palms suggest that the defenses of a person are relaxed. However, in case a person has absolutely tight palms, then it could convey anger or even restlessness.

Watch out for the movement of fingers. Often you find men and women move fingers around the rim of glass in a slow manner. Well, such gesture suggests a seductive undertone. In case the person continues to drum or tap fingers, it's a apparent indication of frustration and irritation in the person.

Though various body parts may convey a lot of things, it is eyes that communicate the most. It is not stated without a reason that eyes are windows to the soul. If the pupils of the person you're speaking to are dilated, then this could imply that he / she's interested in the subject. Naturally, dilation of pupils could also be a result of low quality contact lenses. So, it is essential that you look for other than the eyes too.

Besides the size of the pupils, the direction of the gaze could also help you understand body language. In case a person is gazing to the side, it could be because they are feeling guilty. Nevertheless, in case the person is gazing directly into your eyes, this could imply that he is absolutely confident and self assured. Gazing steadily on the floor may convey shame.

Rubbing chin is another important body language sign to watch out for. Though this usually suggests that the individual is in a thinking mode, it may also indicate restlessness in a person. Do not be fooled into thinking that the person is rubbing chin because of an acne breakout. It is fairly possible that he/she might be rubbing chin to lessen the itching that acne brings along. Merely set the issue right by using effective products such as Exposed Skincare System.

Another significant body language signal to watch out for is mimicry. If the individual you're in discussion with is trying to mimic you, it is pretty likely that he/she appreciates you. This also indicates that he / she is comfortable in your company. So, do not get offended if the person starts mimicking you.

Keep the given ideas in mind and you'll understand the body language of the other person with ease.

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