Kool Tel America: Communication Simplified! - By: Adam Clark

Phone calls through computers are the new ways of communicating with friends, folks and even business contacts. Being a professional, you are chained to your computer all the time. You have to go through your work even when you are on a holiday! The computer is fast eating into the market of mobile phones because of its communication possibilities. Kool Tel America is a communication services provider that allows you to make an unlimited number of calls across North America to any computer that you want! On first sight it appears too good to be true, but when you take the legacy of the company and the large subscriber base into account, you begin to realize that you can actually go to the next level in the world of digital communication!

Kool Tel America opens the doors of communication to anyone residing in North America. All you have to do is visit their site at kooltelamerica.com. Sign up with them for a paltry monthly rate of $17.76 and you have the ticket to calling up just about any computer for a whole month. There are no hidden charges to this benefit. On the contrary, there are some hidden benefits! You can avail a calling card of 500 minutes. This adds to your communication kitty as well. Kool Tel America likes to believe that as a business entrepreneur or as a student, you will need to communicate and keep in touch at all times. Unless you have something that allows you to do that, there’s not much fun living in the communication age. What’s the use of technology anyway if you cannot have some additional freebies? Kool Tel America assures you that right and much more.

You may argue at this point that being busy and on the move at all times, it won’t be possible to receive calls on your computer. Kool Tel America has a solution to that end, too. You can divert all your incoming calls to any cell phone in North America. Wherever you are, you are connected to the business network. The telecom service provider realizes that you will get paranoid about missed calls and other missed correspondence when you are away from your desk. We understand the importance of missed calls. Each missed call is like a missed opportunity. That’s why Kool Tel America records your voice mail and mails it across. The voice mail also creates a WAV file that docks into your computer and waits for you. It can’t get simpler than this!

The best part about Kool Tel America is the transparent procedure. We do not believe in hiding anything from our subscribers. We like to keep our cards on the table and let you take the pick. We do not require any credit card details, so the question of being hesitant about money matters doesn’t arise. We do not vary our rates. We keep it constant at %17.76 all through every month. Moreover, you can be part of any cell phone service network of your choice.

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Author Resource : Kool Tel America(http://www.kooltelamerica.com) allows you to make unlimited number of calls across North America for a meager monthly rate. KoolTel(http://www.kooltelamerica.com) have no hidden costs but fill your plate with freebies and discounts.