How to Build Press Release Links to Boost SEO Rank - By: Evelyn Smith

Search engine optimization is a field where ethical and shady services coexist. There are many service providers that offer unethical practices. Unethical SEO practices can adversely impact on your website. You might get the dreaded Google blacklist which means that your website will be de-listed from the search index. This is the reason why you need to follow ethical practices in optimizing your website. On of the best ethical SEO practices that can help your website is press release submission. If you build inbound links through press release submission, then your site’s SEO rank can improve significantly. So here are the specific steps on how to build press release links to boost your site’s search engine position.

When you build press release links, you must still follow ethical SEO practices. First of all, it is unethical to copy-paste a press release and simply change the links embedded on the content. Copying and pasting press releases can harm your website because the search engine can penalize you for duplicate content. Instead of improving search engine position, your website’s SEO rank will fall due to duplicate content. The best practice is to ensure that you provide value for people. This means giving unique and fresh information for web users. You will be able to enjoy higher SEO rank if your press releases offer great value. Most important of all, your press release links will become more valuable which could help improve your SEO rank.

Another ethical SEO practice is to build press release link while preventing spamming the search engine index. Remember that your website links will be included in the press releases. So you have to make sure that a press release will not be submitted to hundreds of distribution sites. Set a limit for distribution to avoid the duplicate content penalty. Too many submissions would be highly suspicious for the search engines. If you are hiring an SEO service to build press release links, then a single press release should be submitted only to 40 distribution sites. This will ensure maximum impact. You will also get good value from the press release because the search engine will treat the links as highly valuable. Because of this, your SEO rank and positioning could greatly improve in a few months.

Lastly, you should build press release links by hand. This means manually submitting the press releases to the distribution services. Manual submission is an ethical and acceptable SEO practice. You have to avoid automated submission because your press releases can be denied by the distribution services. Your website can also suffer terribly if you resort to automated submissions. Remember that the major search engines discourage the use of automated methods for search engine optimization. If you are using software for SEO, then you can be penalized by the search engines and get the dreaded blacklist. Again, if you have an SEO service that takes care of your press release submission, make sure that it uses manual submission methods. You will get better value from an SEO professional who follows ethical SEO practices.

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