Why Use Dog Pepper Spray? - By: Teresa Bernard

According to the Center for Disease Control every 40 seconds someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog bite-related injury.

A dog bite is potentially one of the most severe type of animal bites if left untreated. Every year many pass away because of rabies contracted from dog bites. The reason for this is because victims might be inclined to neglect animal bites thinking they are not hazardous and can easily be managed with simple cleansing of the injury, or by just taking some antibiotics. What they may not realize is that a wound like this could lead to serious infections, deformity, disability and even death.

There are some methods you can employ to circumvent canine attacks. Making sure you stay a safe distance away from the angry pooch is the most effective method. Another proven strategy is to never provoke the dog into attacking you. If you find yourself in a situation where an aggressive hound is approaching slowly withdraw and leave. However, there may come a time when you will find yourself in this scenario, no matter how careful you are. This is where dog pepper spray comes into action.

Animal repellents such as dog pepper spray are used for preventing confrontations with animals such as dogs. It is packaged in a canister which you can carry inside your shirt pocket or handbag. For more convenience and ease of use, you can even fasten it to your belt or key chain. Such pepper sprays have numerous advantages. Its effects are instant once you spray it on the angry hound. The effects last long enough to allow you to get away from the aggressive pooch to safety. Because the pepper spray will cause so much irritation and distress, the dog will shift its attention from you to coping with the pain. If you love animals, there is no need to be concerned because the compound in this spray will not cause serious harm to the creature. The effects are non-lethal and will wear off in about 20 to 30 minutes. Another reason why these animal repellents are widely used is because dog pepper spray is lawful to carry and use anywhere in the U.S. when used as a self defense tool. There may be restrictions in some cities or states, so always check your state's ordinances concerning such sprays.

What are the distinctions of dog pepper spray and OC pepper spray used in self defense against human attackers? The pepper resins in dog pepper spray are not as strong as the ones in the human edition. Usually, the pepper resin found in the dog repellent is less than half of the resin found in human spray. In emergency cases, you may use a human pepper spray on an attacking dog, but not a dog pepper spray on attacking criminals because it will be ineffective.

Bear deterrent pepper spray is another type of animal repellent spray. Bear spray is used by hikers campers, fishers, forestry workers, and other people who work or recreate outdoors. To safeguard you from an attacking bear, you should only purchase a pepper spray that is specifically formulated and clearly labeled for preventing attacks by bears. Defense sprays designed for humans is not effective against a hungry bear.

It's possible that one day even an animal lover will need protection from an aggressive mutt. Because all wild animals are dangerous by nature, do not underestimate their ability to hurt you. Carrying a animal deterrent spray is one effectual approach to protect yourself and family from possible dog attacks.

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