How to Determine if You Are Getting the Best SEO Solution - By: Evelyn Smith

Hiring an SEO service is a tricky process. With so many so-called SEO professionals offering their services, you have no assurance that the SEO solution that you can get is reliable. It is also very difficult to track the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented by a service provider. This is the reason why you should get an SEO report from the service provider. The report can measure the work of the service. It also gives you a good idea about the effectiveness and impact of your search engine optimization efforts. To know if you are getting the best SEO service, here are the specific things that you should get from the service provider.

First, the best SEO professional should provide a service consultation with you. Through the consultations, you can specify your requirements so that the proper SEO solution can be implemented. Part of this process is preliminary website evaluation for SEO. The service provider should be able to track the current SEO rank of your website. This is essential for setting goals and for the initial planning of the SEO campaign. The service provider should give you a comprehensive website evaluation SEO report. It should include the professional findings and observation of the experts and the recommended steps to improve your website’s search engine position. Most important of all, the report should make a proposal on the type of SEO package needed by your site so that you can prepare a working budget.

Second, the SEO solution must give details on the type of search engine optimization methods that will be implemented for your website. It is not enough to get a general SEO report from the service provider. The report should give concrete numbers so that you can measure the real work done by the service provider. For example, the SEO report must contain the number of articles that should be published on article directories. It should also give you the exact details on where those SEO articles will be published. Aside from these, the SEO service provider must indicate the PR ratings of the websites where the articles will be published. Most important of all, the SEO report should give you concrete updates on how many articles were published and if these articles were indexed successfully by the search engines.

Of course, the best SEO solution should provide add-on services for clients. These add-on services provide extra value for your investment. So aside from the standard service that you got like article submission, social bookmarking, and press release distribution, the best service provider should give you free on-site optimization report, keyword suggestions, and site evaluation. These free services should be delivered to you promptly so that you can use them to further optimize your website.

Getting the best SEO solution is not simple. You have to look for a reliable service provider that provides excellent SEO report for clients. The service reports and updates will help you to monitor the progress of your search engine optimization campaign.

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