Aggressive Dog Behavior Prevention - By: Andrew Goligher

Most people think that a dog is aggressive when it barks or bites. But there are many other types of aggression that cause lots of problems. If you learn what it really is, then you can learn how to stop aggressive dog behavior.

While barking and biting top the list of aggressive behaviors, you can also include snarling, growling, and curling lips. When a dog lunges at you or blocks your path, then it is also showing aggression. Mounting your leg is also considered so, even though many people tend to dismiss it has a sexual behavior. Some types of dogs may even try to nip your ankles as a way to dominate you.

You may easily learn why dogs show these behaviors related to aggression. Learning how to stop them is also possible. Though the process may take a while, you can win, and any dog will be better off for it.

Defending their territory is a distinct dog behavior. If the family dog is well loved, it will also include the family in its defending postures. This loyalty, however, reaches over to its food. Most dogs dislike it greatly when you try to interrupt their meals. They may even be hostile if you try to move it. The answer to this aggressiveness is to be the leader of your dog, letting it know that you control its food. Reward its good behavior by leaving it alone when it eats.

Because dogs are pack animals, they tend to develop rankings within their groups. To establish who is top of the pack, they will try to dominate the others. And this includes any people who they consider part of their pack. Their aggressive actions are used to signal that they intend to be top dog. When you stop their actions effectively, you become their established leader.

Dogs who are afraid will be aggressive too. You may not understand it as fear at first. But you can definitely see their anxiety when they cower, or put their tails between their legs. Watch for curled lips and bared teeth, as these may signal an impending attack due to fear. You can diffuse this anxiety and fear by making your dog feel safe. Take time to show affection, keep a regular exercise schedule, feed regularly, make water available, and allow your pet to enjoy feeling safe. Loyalty and love will be the result if you give it to them too.

You can learn how to stop aggressive dog behavior with practice. The causes are really more important than the bad actions. Discover the causes, and you will help your pet to be comfortable and feel safe.

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