How Grandma's Law Can Improve Your Personal Productivity - By: Carey Last James

Once we are below pressure, especially time pressure, we tend to are constantly looking for ways that to improve what we're doing so that it we tend to can achieve a lot of during a given quantity of time. There has been masses of research to support this method of organizing yourself. First of all, let's take a look at the research. It states that when individuals are given a alternative of things to try to to, whatever they consistently select to try and do will be used as a reinforcer for the things that they didn't choose.
We apprehend this as Grandma's Law. Grandma's Law is quite express it says that, "If you eat your vegetables, you'll be able to have dessert." For most children, eating vegetables is not high on their selection of food but eating dessert is often close to the top of their list. When one thing at the high of their list depends on doing something close to the underside of the list, they not solely eat more vegetables but in time come back to relish them.
After you translate this into the workplace, you can see that when folks have a selection they will carry out work that they enjoy. When you see this, you may apprehend that this work is a reinforcer for them.
Grandma's Law could be described as the most effective time management technique offered to you at absolutely no cost. To use the concept, build a listing of all the items that you need to do. Rank them so as of the items that you most need to try to to and enjoy doing to the items that you just'd least need to do. Okay, thus you have got a list along with your most favorite jobs at the prime and going down to your least favorite jobs at the bottom. When you start operating on your jobs, start from the underside not the top.
If you are doing this, you'll notice a strange thing. When you start at the bottom, every time that you just complete a task, you move on to 1 that is a lot of interesting, more enjoyable and additional desirable. The consequence of doing the bottom job is that the following one is better and therefore on. If you begin at the top, like everyone else, the consequence of finishing a task is that the subsequent one is worse. It's a lot of boring, less enjoyable and undesirable. When you are faced with this prospect, the coffee machine or the water cooler is your savior therefore you spend time there and stop working. You actually explore for an excuse to stop. When you do it the other means and start from the underside, you are doing need to end till all the jobs are done, ought to you be interrupted, you can't wait to get started again.

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