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Politicians AND Voters Avoid The Truth

Author : Bernard Kirk   Top Author

“You get the politicians you deserve.”

Many politicians lie.

Many voters don’t want to face the truth.

What a perfect match!

How many voters do you know who are prepared to cut back on their personal entitlements from the Government in order to rectify the ever growing financial crisis we are in?

Have you ever heard someone say to a government worker “Vote for me so I can fire you because government is too big“.

The majority of people want an easy life and don’t want to hear any bad news that affects them personally, so there’s always a politician willing to oblige by making promises or increasing handouts to protect and enhance a voter’s comfort zone.

So many voters and politicians continue playing the game thereby avoiding reality.

Politicians know that their supporters believe them.

The supporters of the politicians all watch the same media, they talk to friends who believe in the same doctrines, and many do not engage in critical thinking. As long as the supporters are comfortable, everything is OK.

The politicians are equally cocooned. The higher they rise in their hierarchy, the less they are challenged, and so the more out of touch they become with reality.

The natural outflow of politicians and their supporters is Group Think, and you are quickly ostracized if you don’t think like your group does.

Politicians know this so they push their lies to the limit. Simply repeating the same lie long enough creates enough doubt and confusion out there for people to become confused, so they will continue to support a lying politician.

If something does not personally affect a voter, that voter will not change. For example, if a person is truly unable to find a job, that person may eventually decide the country has a job problem, and blame it on a politician. If you are losing your wealth, you sit up and take notice. You have to be made uncomfortable.

The sad part is that things have to get really very bad before a voter will turn against a politician who he once supported.

Good liars know exactly what their targets want, and they are skilled at playing up to this need.

Politicians lie for a variety of reasons. The most important reason being it is in their personal best interests. Most politician’s prime objective is to get into, and then stay in power.

Politicians lie to build up and enhance the image of themselves. Many lie for a cause or a grand plan, or to cover up something, their biggest fear is that they may be caught out. Even if they are, there are seldom any consequences.

Although liars eventually believe their own lies, constant lying and the initial stress associated with this can cause feelings of aggression, impatience, artificiality, depression, arrogance, a feeling of self-importance, a demand mentality, obstinacy and an inflated opinion of oneself.

If the politician is also a narcissist, we have a real problem. These people are often deeply insecure, unhappy with themselves and spend all their time trying to project the image they really want to be. Their feelings of omnipotence, that they alone are right, always results in failed leadership at best, a tyrant or despot at worst.

So we have politicians who lie and voters who don’t want the truth. How do we fix this? Can this scenario ever change?

Only severe turbulence causes any meaningful change.

For this change to occur voters need to personally suffer enough, so that they reject their pseudo leaders, and then do great diligence before they repeat their mistakes by selecting similar politicians.

Only by engaging in critical thinking, actively seeking out the truth, becoming involved, developing informed thoughts and accepting that the voters themselves, and not someone else is responsible for their own future, will the situation improve.

Read, question, listen, discuss, take part and act. Complacency leads to unwanted outcomes.

Regarding the politicians, term limits, checks and balances with consequences, and other measures will all help, but the fault truly lies not in the stars, but in ourselves, (with apologies to Shakespeare.)

We the People, must accept ownership of our destiny.

Author's Resource Box

The first thing Bernard Kirk tells his clients is that the absolute critical factor in any organization is people- especially the right people in the right jobs.

With seventeen years of operational management, twenty two years of strategy implementation for multiple entrepreneurs, professionals high level businesses and politicians across the globe, Bernard is an expert in how people affect outcomes.

Having the right people doing the right things in the right job, is usually the difference between mediocrity and greatness for both the individual and the organization. Bernard’s methods of determining what needs to be done by what type of person and how to select and retain those persons has attracted interest on an international basis. Bernard has consulted in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, medical, recycling, professional, political and academic fields. He lives in Arizona, USA.

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