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How To Gain Height By Doing Yoga

Author : robert smith

The question that we are trying to answer in this article is can you gain height through yoga? Yoga can be used to strengthen the body and prepare your muscles for growth. It isn't just a celebrity fad that has taken off for no good reason - it is proven to work and improves your balance and your posture too. You don't need an elaborate gym to be built in your home or invest in lots of equipment. Some people perform their Yoga routine from the comfort of their own homes and if you are seriously thinking about ways in which you can gain height then this could be something for you too.

If you think about how difficult it is to stand straight and tall without slouching it is hard to imagine that anyone could maintain this stance permanently but yoga can teach you how. You can gain height instantly by working on your posture because when you stand straight you are at your tallest. Starting from this point will give some real results quickly and help you look as though you can gain height straight away.

Yoga is also about flexibility. You need to be flexible so that you can walk around and move with ease but the more flexible you are and the less compression there is in your spine the more chance it has of elongating and therefore growing.

Here we will look at some specific yoga movements you can try that will help you gain height over time and with perseverance and are very easy to start trying. You can improve your posture and release built up tension in your back so you feel able to stand up tall without slouching and keep that posture over time.

We will look at three yoga movements in turn and describe how to carry out each one Before you start though, you should speak to your doctor to check these are right for you.

The centered movement is very easy. You sit with your legs crossed on the floor and rest your hands gently on your knees. Sit so that your spine is straight and breathe in. As you breathe in lift your arms in the air above your head. As you breathe out slowly bring them back down to their starting position.

The triangle movement is slightly different and is great for posture but also good for relieving built up tension in your back. Stand with your feet quite far about. You might want to start at three feet apart and make your way up to four. Your feet should start by both pointing forward but then turn your left foot out at a right angle and your right foot out at 45 degrees. As you inhale lift your arms in the air and as you exhale turn to look along the length of your left arm. As you inhale again stretch your upper body down to your left ankle and when you can go no further place your left hand on the back of your leg and point your right arm to the ceiling. Hold this pose for a few deep breaths and then as you inhale straighten up and come back to your upright normal position. Repeat this movement for the other side of your body.

The dog and cat can be done together and involve getting onto the floor on all fours. As you inhale you curve your spine downwards so your stomach points to the floor and your head is pointed upwards. As you reverse this position and curve your spine the other way you can enter into the cat pose.

These are some great techniques you can try when you are looking to gain height. But, what you could also try is HeightGrowthPlus Height Gaining Supplements. HG-PLUS Grow Taller Pills will help you get the maximum benefit from your exercise regime and any other changes you make to your lifestyle. HeightGrowth-Plus Height Increase Formulation is completely natural so you don't need to worry about nasty side effects, just enjoy the benefits!

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The author of this article is an expert in how to gain height naturally by doing yoga exercises and stretching your spine. He has spent over 13 years studying how the human body works and in particular how to grow taller.

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