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Ways To Lose Belly Fat: Three Home Exercises

Author : Betty Crane

Of the many ways to lose belly fat, exercise is the one that requires the most focus and discipline in order to extract the maximum benefits. Exercise serves many separate, but united, functions in belly fat reduction programs. First, it burns calories and fats inside the body, and belly fat is counted - in fact, belly fat burns more rapidly than other fats and burns first whenever the body needs fat as an energy source. Second, exercise makes the heart and muscles accustomed to intense activity, thus lessening fatigue and making the body more ready for future exercises. Third, it builds up muscle size, thus increasing muscle activity every exercise activity, which increases burning of fat and calories. Fourth, knowing that you can exercise motivates you to exercise more; furthermore, knowing that you are attaining your weight loss objectives through your exercising can also psych you up more.

One need not get out of the house to engage in energetic activity. There are many familiar home exercises that could serve as efficient ways to lose belly fat. All of them apply one or more of the four reasons stated above. Three of these exercises are:

(1) Abdominal Crunches - They are easy to learn and to do, do not require any equipment, and are highly advised by weight loss professionals. Abdominal crunches target most what should be targeted - the belly. The procedures are: (a) Lie down on the floor. (b) With both feet rested on the floor, bend your knees, then make both hands clasp each other just behind the ears. (c) Breathe deeply. (d) Crunch up by lifting both head and chest at once, with the hands at the back as support. Try to make the head touch the knees every crunch. (e) Then crunch down by lowering the head and chest at once, until both touch the floor. Crunching down must be slower than crunching up; also, the air that you have inhaled should be exhaled when crunching down. (f) Repeat for 5-10 times (call it a set). 10-15 minutes per day of abdominal crunches are advised; this consists of about 6-10 sets, depending on speed.

Some reminders in doing abdominal crunches are: Before every crunch up, keep eyes on the ceiling, thus leveling your head with your spine. Chin should also not contact the chest, for it strains the neck and lessens fat loss on the belly. Feet should be on flat surface, not on any slightly elevated position, such as on a stool or desk. Lastly, the faster abdominal crunches are done, the better, for the body burns more calories when engaged in faster activity.

(2) Leg Lift - The leg lift seems to be easy, for all that is needed is lifting a leg, but it is actually difficult, but that is what makes it burn abdominal fat. Leg lift requires plenty of muscle control, thus using up much energy. The procedures are: (a) Lie down on the floor. (b) Bend both knees so that they point to the ceiling. (c) Slowly extend one leg so that it points to the ceiling, then leave it there for 1 minute. (d) Lower the leg slowly to the floor, then repeat those steps for the other leg.

For a more difficult variation, instead of bending one's knees, keep both legs straight before lifting one leg, and keep the other leg straight while the other leg is in the air.

(3) Dumbbell Side Bends - Not only is this an exercise suited for building muscles, this also burns belly fat on the sides. The procedures are: (a) Place the dumbbell in the hand opposite the side of the body with belly fat. For example, let's put the dumbbell in the right hand. (b) Stand up, with knees kept straight. (c) Bend sideways to the opposite direction where the dumbbell is held; in our case, bend sideways to the left. Continue bending until the farthest possible. (d) Then return slowly to the standing-up position. (e) Repeat many times, and then do the same for the other side of the body.

These three sample exercises are cost-efficient and easily doable techniques on how to lose belly fat fast. They are doable inside the house; moreover, they can be done even while watching television, listening to music, or watching out for your children. Surely, exercising with recreation is how to lose belly fat manageably and enjoyably.

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Jared Sanders is an expert when it comes to how to lose belly fat. To learn more about this and exercise and weight loss, visit

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