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Three Eclipses! Where In Your Life Are You Being Eclipsed?

Author : Barbara Goldsmith   Top Author

The first eclipse is a partial solar eclipse on June 1st at 11 degrees of Gemini. This eclipse will greatly affect Gemini and Sagittarius, but it will also impact all the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. That's because this eclipse is at a trine aspect to Saturn in Libra which is an air sign. If you've been working very assiduously towards your goals, you may find that you receive long overdue rewards for your efforts. Wherever this falls in your chart will indicate where you may receive acknowledgement for your hard work. If you haven't been focused enough, then you will have an opportunity to create a new structure in order to move forward in that life area more effectively.

The next eclipse is a total lunar eclipse on June 15th at 24 degrees Sagittarius. As this is a total eclipse rather than a partial one, this has even more power than the previous one in Gemini. There will be considerable changes in your life and you may be expected to learn something new, maybe learn some new skills, possibly move to a new area or even a different country. Try not to resist the changes and this eclipse will not disrupt your life too severely. On a global level, there could be issues with travel, technology, computers, cars, planes, trains, roads and general communications. Try to maintain an open and flexible attitude.

The last eclipse is a partial solar eclipse on July 1st at 9 degrees Cancer. This is potentially the most challenging of all three as it makes some difficult aspects with the other planets. It will greatly affect the cardinal signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Depending on where it falls in your chart it could mean relationship problems, changes in your relationships especially with your family. It could mean a move and financial challenges, even your health may be affected. There is also the potential for huge profits from a business and also to meet your soul mate. These energies are very powerful and have an affect for at least six months or longer.

Eclipses and What They Mean in Your Life:
Look at your chart and see where the eclipse falls and you will have a period of about a year in which this life area will be stimulated. You will feel as though you don't have much choice, but you have to deal with issues facing you now and you cannot procrastinate any longer. There's usually a build up period of six months before the actual eclipse and consequences that need to be dealt with in the six months following the eclipse.
1st-7th house axis
You need to find balance between your relationships and yourself. You will be facing issues around courage, confidence, and independence. Here are some possible outcomes:
- An increased drive to take charge of your life.
- A complete change of your personal appearance, your body, and your self image
- You learn how to stand on your own two feet
- You may marry or have a separation
- A push to stronger identity and greater autonomy
2nd-8th house axis
You'll want to find a balance between your own security needs and comfort with the needs of other people. Your finances come into sharp focus:
- How well have you taken care of your finances?
- Do you need to make some changes?
- Are you spending more than you earn?
- Are you relying on someone else for your security?
- Prioritise your values and make sure you live in accordance with them
- Take actions so that you can feel safer and more secure. You may learn that it's not necessarily material things that make you feel secure.
3rd-9th house axis
Issues surrounding learning and sharing knowledge will come into focus. You may need to pay more attention to your immediate environment. Things you may face:
- A need to become more active and involved in your immediate environment
- Learn how to expand your horizons and look beyond your own world
- Force yourself out of a rut and stale habit patterns
- Start to communicate more effectively
- Learn something new
- Teach something new
- Prioritize your values and ensure you are living according to those values
- Make connections with people from an entirely different background than yours – either personal or business.
4th-10th house axis
This involves issues about your public and your private life, as well as paying attention to your career and your family. You'll need to find ways to:
- Strike a balance between home, security and family with the needs of your career, reputation and drive for success.
- Take charge of your private life
- Take charge of your career
- Start a new career path
- Balance the needs of home with work
- You have to move state or country for your work
- You may move home
5th-11th house axis
This is about finding out what gives you pleasure and maybe turning a hobby into a business. You'll be reevaluating your friendships and the groups to which you belong.
- A love affair may begin or end under this influence.
- New contacts with others are likely
- Try to take some risks especially with your creativity
- Develop your self confidence – maybe take up acting or public speaking
- Learn about working with others and being a team player
- Consider contributing to your community – maybe volunteering
6th-12th house axis
This is all about work, service and health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It's a good time to:
- Get more organised
- Adapt your routines
- Develop healthy habits and put some new structures into your life
- Let go of your fears and old destructive habit patterns
- Develop more compassion and understanding of others
- Let go of your obsessions and your worries
- Focus on the spiritual side of your life and go within for answers

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Barbara Goldsmith has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years. She gives personal readings to people around the world. Her free monthly forecasts on You Tube have a wide following. Author of : Astrology Made Easy, The Elements - Physical and Metaphysical Astrology, Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis. Her website is:

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