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Network Marketing Recruiting On The Internet - Escape This At All Costs

Author : Scott W Zlateff

Fortune in your company is greatly determined by your network marketing recruiting capability. In this article I'm going to share a case study with you that happened a few days ago with the hopes that you will not repeat the same mistakes. I am also going to point out what you must do in order to correct your network marketing recruiting skills.

I was out of my office for a while and when I came back there was a voice mail left for me from some guy who discovered my website and wanted to speak with me about network marketing. Considering that my blog is dedicated to helping people prevail in network marketing, I just assumed that he was so elated after reading some of my blog posts and watching videos, that he wanted to speak with me immediately. I had a few minutes prior to my next scheduled webinar, So I called him back and asked him how I can help.

He proceeded to ask me if I ever heard of a certain opportunity. I told him "The name does sound familiar but I have not researched it yet, why do you ask?" Instantly understanding by his tone and nervous fast-talking that I had best get on my helmet, because batter up, here comes the ultimate pitch from the high heavens.

He began to tell me everything he could about this company from the product to how exceptional the compensation plan was and anything in between. So I just sat there and listened as he went on and on about this company.

At long last, when he took a breath I asked very calmly, "How long have you been involved in this industry? He said "About six months." I said, "Okay, is this the first company you have enrolled with?" He said with a slight uncertainty in his voice "No this is my 3rd company and it's extraordinary." I said "Oh, that's great that you like it, how long have you been with this company?" He said in a very forceful, yet unsure way "I just got started 2 weeks ago and man we are flying."

I asked him how he ended up with my phone number. He said "I did a search and your website came up on the first page of google." I asked "Oh okay, so am I the first person that you contacted this way?" He replied in a nearly drained tone with a little motivation "No, man I have been talking non stop and calling people that I found on the internet for the past 2 weeks."

So I asked him "And how many people have you been able to recruit from applying this strategy?" He paused for a moment as if he was amazed that I asked him that question as he attempted to draw up some monumental story. Then he said "Man I cannot even count, I have just been on the phone and we have been rocking it." He was still trying to stay excited, which was maybe the advice his upline sponsor gave him. Just talk to lots of people and be fired up, it's contagious.

I could tell by his demeanor and answers that he had not recruited a soul and was getting frustrated with the method he is using. Now, let's take a step back for a moment and look at this realistically. If this person has tons of people coming on board, than why would he call me in the first place? It's because he ran out of people prospect so he thought, "Hey I'll look up some people who know what they're doing online and tell them about this."

So I said to him, "It sounds like you are spending a lot of time trying calling all these people up. Have you ever considered adopting a strategy that gets them to chase after you?"

Of course now he gets defensive and more intent on magically recruiting me into his opportunity. So he continues saying "Well are you interested in taking a look at this or not?" I told him "No happy where I am at, thank you though. By the way if I could show you how to generate your own leads coming to you on autopilot, so you never have to cold call random people you find on google, would you want to know how?"

He asked "How do you do that?" I told him to pull up my website. Once it was up I said "You see that opt in form? Fill that out, hit submit and on the next page is day one of a FREE training to learn this skill. You will also be on my notification list so you can stay up to date on the latest methods, webinars and up coming events.

Do you understand what I did in this conversation? The person who is asking the questions is in control of where the conversation goes. By asking questions you discover what a person actually needs. Then once you recognize what their problem is, you can present a solution.

To be effective in online network marketing recruiting, you cannot just start calling and pitching people. It is profoundly invasive and intrusive and all it will do is get a whole lot of people mad at you. I see tons of people engaged in this on Facebook all the time. They are using it as a pitching platform where they are just consistently talking about their company. This does not work offline and it particularly does not work online.

What you can do however is offer value to individuals who are searching the internet to solve a problem that they have. You will attract people to you like bees to honey because you're providing a solution to their problem. This is called value based sponsoring.

The biggest thing that differentiates great network marketing recruiting from just average, is that the marvelous ones simply have more leads to work with. It might give the impression like they are a super network marketing recruiting machine, nonetheless the truth is that they have so many leads to prospect that it doesn't matter how skilled they are.

The vital fuel that runs the network marketing recruiting engine is the volume of leads you have. The more leads on your list, the more people who go through your sales funnel, the more relationships you can form with those individuals, the more fortune you will have.

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