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The Meaning Of Life According To Archangel Chamuel

Author : Glenn Harrison

This information from Archangel Chamuel is given through my wife, Jill, who is a spiritual medium and Avatara (male is Avatar); a modern day prophet who receives and delivers messages from the Godhead, for the betterment of mankind. Thus is what I recorded:-

Hello! It is my greatest pleasure that I speak with you today. I am Chamuel. My purpose is to assist humankind, and help each and every one of you, in finding your life's purpose and how to build firm foundations and maintain relationships.

For the purpose of Glenn, who I know will ask of you where my strengths lie, I lead the 'Powers of Angels' who guide and protect this world from negative energies. I assist those in need of comfort and intervention. I am here for those who seek God; in all its truth and light.

Perhaps we should begin with one of the oldest questions in human time. What is the purpose of life?

So many of you spend hours, weeks, days, years; wondering where you came from, why you are here, where you're going and what your purpose is on this planet? By listening with your heart, you will discover your origin. Your origin is from God; light; the one conscious thought, which is in fact the one supreme TRUTH.

Unfortunately, most of human kind has turned away from their light within. They have denied themselves the truth for so long, it is sad. For all of human kind's claim of progress, 'what', we would ask, do you call progress?

More so than ever, the numbers of wars being fought; murders, people stealing and lying; has never been so great. Your purpose on this planet has and always been humanity. Instead of creating barriers between yourself and others, you should have been creating and building togetherhood. The reason why so many of you are so unhappy and have lost faith, is that you lack true understanding about yourself and the greatness that lies within.

Your origin is from God, therefore just like God; light; the one conscious thought, you have within you a greatness that needs awakening. Your universe is one energy. God; light; the one conscious thought; created everything from within itself, as you so have the power to do.

You're not different from anyone else. You are not different from God; light; the one conscious thought. It is your understanding of yourselves that has caused you to lose direction. You believe yourselves to be men, women, children; fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, strong, weak, happy, miserable, English, Jewish, Arabic, American, Russian, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists; and yet you all come from one origin:- God; light; the one conscious thought.

It is time to teach your children to put aside these titles and roles they play.

It is time children and adults learn there is only one role in life; to access the divinity within. Then and only then can you truly know that you are all one; God; light; the one conscious thought.

Your free will allows you to define your own life. Do you choose to see yourself as ordinary and weak? Do you choose to just pass through life, accepting whatever is said to you, and then die? Or, do you choose to see yourself as someone who has the power to be the best they can be? That they can make a difference in their own and others' lives. By your own choice, you can reach God; or descend into your own creation of hell.

If you look into your heart and access your emotions, you will feel the power of God within your very being. By accessing this power, you could if you so wish, become powerful and almighty like God; light; the one conscious thought; for remember 'we are all one'. You were given this ability, so you could discover the greatness you possess; and yet, the vast majority of the population on this planet waste their energy fighting over petty material gains, chasing the pleasure of senses with food, alcohol and sharing brief moments of intimacy; fighting with others, having a family and then they sit back and say they've fulfilled their purpose.

Compare yourselves with animals, for every day they wander into the jungle to ensure longevity for themselves and the ability to provide for their offspring. So too, does mankind wander into the corporate jungle and then return back to their families. So what is it that makes you different? For were you to not look further than what I have just said, you would feel that perhaps you are no different from the animals.

What is it that makes a human being special; unique? You have within you, the unique ability to experience your identity with God. You are here on this planet to get to know 'you', the creative being that you are; the being that has the ability to help make dreams come true. The being that has the ability to bring forth and give love to others and also to experience receiving love. Once you understand, you will see 'YOU' are the temple within which God dwells. This not only makes you someone who is great, but also something to be valued.

Do you value yourself? Do you value those around you? Learn to understand the divine consciousness within yourself, for if you do not truly understand and learn all about yourself, you will never know God. Every one of you really wants to eliminate suffering, and experience happiness.

You all cry out for acceptance and love. Even when you do harm against another, in reality, it is with the sub-conscious hope it will bring about happiness for yourself. Look around you. What do most people do to attain happiness? They pair into couples, have children, work to earn money so they can buy possessions and experience entertainment. But all these things are reliant on external factors.

When you connect with the divine consciousness within yourself, you will uncover the truth; that the ability to create happiness lies within; and not in the possessions and people you have around you. Perhaps it's time you taught yourself; your loved ones and the future of your world: the children; to look within themselves, for all of you have the choice whether to sow seeds of pain, or seeds of happiness.

What is truly amazing is that despite the thousands of years that have passed, and the amount of historical data you have to look back at, on human kind's follies; no one has stopped to look at how they can change and end this horrible cycle you all seem stuck in. Instead it is easier to whine, complain and point blame at others. You continue to waste your time on 'if onlys'. How many people do you hear saying, "If only my partner loved me." "If only we had more money." "If only I could get a better job," and so it continues until you run out of tomorrows.

Look at your life with new eyes. Start to discover the God; light; one conscious thought that lies within you. Start to look at how you can access the happiness within. Learn to stop super-imposing your hopes and dreams on something external, for it does not come from there; it comes from within. Look at your material possessions; the people around you. When your day has ended and you close your eyes, everything that you have, is unnecessary.

Whilst asleep you don't need love. You don't need possessions. You don't need sustenance such as food, drink. When you awaken, you have, on your own, renewed your energy. You're strong! For you have accessed the power that was within you. The vastness that is within each human body, is that of a universe. Your light within you is far brighter than the planet you call the sun. Nothing can compare with the human ability to create, when it is one with the divine energy within.

I hope that what I have given to you today, will resonate within the hearts and minds of mankind. We want you all to awaken, so that you may see, and experience oneness with God. For when you experience God; light, the one conscious thought; you will experience virtue, beauty and most importantly true love. By experiencing and connecting with your inner divinity, you will see a radiance emanate from the very depths of your soul, that the world you see as a beautiful environment, will pale in comparison.

Everything you seek, is within. God; light; the one conscious thought dwells in every human being, and everyone's true purpose is to connect and learn about Self so you may identify and experience God.

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Glenn Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER. He was contacted by The ANGEL OF DEATH: Archangel Azrael, in 2005. Glenn receives and records his messages from over 60 Archangels, Ascended Masters and Light-Beings. If you want more messages like these,
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