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MLM Marketing System Missing Link

Author : Jodi Ouellette

The foundation of all multilevel marketing businesses that are succeeding, is a solid mlm marketing system. A system is essential for building business. It is the backbone of your business. So why do some people fail, even when they are using the most proven system? The missing link is people skills.

What I have learned is, although you may have the most simple, turn key, duplicable system on the planet, if people don't have the skills to relate and connect with people, the system is worthless. Marketing systems are used to market, brand, promote, produce leads, and create a path people can follow. When the system does it's job and generates leads, the next step is to convert leads to customers or new partners, which requires interaction. Perhaps, you are one of those people that have been following a system with little to no results, and you are questioning whether the system actually works or have you been duped?

Chances are, it's not a scam, you're just not learning the most critical skills to succeeding with your mlm marketing system - pure human relations. Networking and relationship building is not always easy. That being the reason Dale Carnegie's book How To Win Friends & Influence People has been a best seller in the sales industry. The art of relating to people is a skill that must be developed. People are self absorbed by nature, and even though that may sound negative, it’s the truth. People think about themselves and their situation more than they think about anything else. Succeeding in the mlm industry requires a shift in your focus, taking me out of the picture, and learning to put other people before you.

How I Discovered The Missing Link In My MLM Marketing System

There was a small group of people within my team that were the ultimate students. It was my group of emerging leaders, showing up on every conference call, taking leadership development seriously, taking massive action, making sales, however, the results in team building were slow at best. We had to figure out the challenge, because they were following all the steps in our mlm marketing system, and doing exactly what they were instructed, but they just were not getting the same conversion rate that I was. I opened my conference line and allowed them to hear several contacts and interviews, so they would experience my approach and style. The feedback answered the challenge question. Hearing my team's responses not only edified my approach, and I must admit, boosted my ego, however, the important thing is we all understood exactly what the team needed.

Lessons Learned –

1. My team learned that listening skills are top priority. You must ask many questions, pay attention, and become a good note taker. The focus was on learning the person’s current situation, and their needs and desires. A candidate feels important and understood when you recite back to them in your own words, where they are today, and where they want to be. When you take the time to learn about a person, it is not for your benefit or how you can use this to get them into your business; it's more about discovering their purpose and their why. A feeling of importance is a desire of all people, and when a person can leave a conversation with you feeling understood, it produces a desire in them to want to speak with you again.

2. The team learned that rapport equals trust. Taking a few minutes to build rapport with a person before you talk business, helps a person become comfortable and more at ease with you. My first goal with all of my appointments, is to take a little time for a light conversation about the town they live, or any interesting topics I may have learned about them during our initial contact. Essentially I am creating a warm environment, making it easier for them to share more detailed information with me later. Make rapport building a part of your mlm marketing system training, because building trusting relationships is vital to team building.

3. The team learned that competence equals confidence. Basically, this means you need to have an understanding and comfort level with your own system. The group commented on my comfort level with the probing financial questions, and how easily people answered my questions, as it was more challenging in their experience. You need to be comfortable with your mlm marketing system and understand the reasoning behind each step in the process. In our case, understanding a person’s financial situation helped us to determine how we could best help them if they were a good fit for our business. When you are comfortable with the process, it becomes much easier to focus on the people you are speaking with, making it easier to build relationships.

4. The mirror technique. People like people like themselves. The idea of mirroring isn't about changing your individuality, on the contrary, it's engaging people at their level. If someone is a fast talker, they appear to be lively, then you basically meet their energy level. If a person is more passive and laid back, then you slow your tempo to agree with theirs. This simply allows one to become comfortable, and they can be more candid and straightforward with you.

Providing Skills Training With Your MLM Marketing System

That training session resulted in restructuring a vital training call within our mlm marketing system. Each week, we held a one hour training session dedicated to in depth process and script training. It was an open forum where our emerging leaders could role play and advance through feedback. The scripts were broken down teaching why each element was important, and why each question was relevant, because we learned that understanding why was as important as how. We equipped team members to be better conversationalists, better relationship builders, and ultimately better recruiters.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what you are doing within your own mlm marketing system to strengthen people skills. If your response is "I am not doing anything", you are missing the most important ingredient in any system. This industry is built on relationships, so having a proven mlm marketing system just isn’t enough. The missing link is people skills. If you can equip your team to be skilled in human relations, and back it with a great system, you can build an unstoppable business.

Author's Resource Box

If people skills isnt your problem, and a good marketing system is, you can access my FREE 8 Day Traffic Revolution Training Course to learn the exact marketing system and strategies used by top earners in this industry. Jodi Ouellette has almost 10 years experience as a marketing systems and leadership trainer, and has a passion for helping others transform their business.

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