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Top MLM Companies, How To Make Sure You Pick One

Author : Scott W Zlateff

It's a Thursday night and you're going to a meeting where you are going to learn about an opportunity with one of the top mlm companies that will change your life. You arrive and the energy in the room is electrifying as you sit at the edge of your seat listening to the presenter share with you their story on how they went from flat broke with more than $100 thousand in debt and in less than two years they were making $20 thousand dollars per month in residual income. And then you hear them say, "So if I can do it, you can do it."

You get so excited you feel goose bumps all over your body. You sign up that night and get started immediately. You tell your significant other that you've found a way to finally get out of that job because you signed up with one of the top mlm companies. A year goes by, it's time to file your taxes and you get a 1099 from the company and it says you have made a total $240 that year.

You think to yourself, what happened? I thought this was one of the top mlm companies and this was going to be THE ONE.

Well, it might have been THE ONE at one point in time, but maybe that time has past for that particular company or that company isn't capable of attaining that amount of leverage. There is a concept called S Curve economics that many economists talk about. S Curve economics is the period of growth that any company in any industry sustains over a period of time. This is especially important in top mlm companies.

A new company begins very slow and hardly anyone knows about it and those that do may even poke fun at it and pick it a part. Then it hits a hyper growth phase where people are actually searching for that company because they have heard something about it. During this hyper growth phase there is more wealth that is created than any other time that company will experience. Then after the hyper growth phase has ended, it's a billion dollar company that simply maintains it's course and flat lines, never going up or down very much in growth.

When it comes to the company you are promoting right now or one that you are looking at joining, it's imperative to look at it for what it is. The absolute Top MLM companies, or what I like to call "Holly Grail Companies" are not easy to find unless you know what to look for.

Most of the reps you speak with who are involved with a company will have you believe you are either with one now or you're going to be joining one. If you are not with one, your chances of having the success you're looking for is dramatically reduced.

So there a four different categories of companies in the network marketing / MLM industry. You want to look at any opportunity from a realistic point of view before you even get into the other factors that make up a great company like the leadership, timing in the market, products and compensation plan.

Top MLM companies are the last of four categories:
2) Party Plans
3) Big Boys
4) Holly Grail

SCAMS are in reality easy to spot. If you are searching on the internet and you click on a link that says you can make $10 thousand dollars in 24 hours or something radical like that. You witness some remarkable copywriting skills that completely grabs you emotionally and pull you in saying things like "all I did was... bla bla bla and I made $3,000 in 1 hour". Now you don't see anything about any company, products or services but if you enter your credit card information and pay $997 you get full access to learn how to do this. So obviously you want to avoid scams and don't even consider them being in the top mlm companies.

Party plans are the next category to consider for top mlm companies. Party plans are the companies that have you host parties. Most of these are things like tupperware, candles, jewelry etc. Now you can make a some money with party plans but it's going to be more of a hobby type income. If you're really serious you can make 2 or maybe even 3 thousand dollars in a month. The only problem with party plans is that you have no leverage. You typically wont make any money unless you host a party. It's all about moving products because historically with these companies you get paid more that way instead of building a business. You'll see many of these in a booth at fairs.

The Big Boys as I like to call them are the billion-dollar giants in the industry. These are the companies that have been involved for more than 15 or 20 years. They have hundreds of thousands of reps in them with events happening all over the world. Some weekly meetings you attend could have in upwards of 500 or more people at every meeting. These are the companies that at one point in time were in the hyper growth phase and are now on the back end simply maintaining. So a person who joins one of these companies usually have to work about 10 times as hard to achieve anything worth talking about. You can make $2 to $5 thousand per month in residual income with these companies but it will take you years and years and years of work to attain what the top guys did a while ago. That is if you can do it at all. It is kind of like investing in Microsoft right now, doesn't really make sense.

However these companies do typically have great products. Which is why they stay in the game and people are still a part of the company. They just love the products and it's all good.

The final category in top mlm companies, are the Holly Grail companies. These are the companies will completely transform your whole existence and can literally make you a fortune in this industry. Timing is absolutely critical. This type of company has less than 30 thousand reps involved and under 5 years old. They have leadership that has had top producers in the industry. They have a product that is on the eyes and ears of every single person. You turn on your TV and every other commercial has something about that problem, challenge or that you need more of it.

A product that has no competitors, and by competitors I don't mean that they can get one at Walmart or somewhere else cheaper. I mean there are zero competitors. Almost as if you had a patent on air, that is the equivalent value that is placed on this product at that point in time.

There are only a few Holly Grail companies within the 4,500 companies currently active in the network marketing / MLM industry. I highly suggest that you take a step back and look at the company you're either with right now or thinking about joining. This could be the factor that determines where you will be financially in the next five years.

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You can watch a video about Top MLM companies here. Regardless of being in a Holly Grail company or not, to be successful in the twenty first century, its essential that you learn how to market and leverage the internet. To learn a simple step-by-step, powerful formula to sponsor 1-2 people every single day into your business, visit the Secret MLM Profit Formula right now.

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