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Network Marketing Strategy - 5 Steps To Realizing Your Goals

Author : Jodi Ouellette

Are you one of the 97% of people who fail to write goals, or are you part of the 3% who do? So obviously I am not the first person to point out to you that you need goals and a vision to succeed. In fact, nobody living today can stake their claim to this vital advice, as scripture points out "where there is no vision, the people perish..." Now we can't take that term perish literally, since without a goal you won't die in the physical sense, however, I have witnessed this in people who have lost vision, have given up on dreams, seem to go through life like the walking dead. Chances are, you are searching for a network marketing strategy to help you get real results in your business. The information I am sharing with you will change your business, IF, you take it seriously and do the work. If you follow this process faithfully, you can’t help but attract to your life everything you want.

Too many people are wandering through life and business without clearly written goals, yet wonder why they haven't succeeded yet. It seems to be easier to make an excuse, than to actually sit down and put dreams on paper. Everything from, "I know my goals, I don’t need to write them down," to "if I write them down and don’t achieve them I will be discouraged." This is what I call stinking thinking, because one thing I can guarantee you is if you don’t have goals, and you don’t focus on them regularly, you will either stay where you are, or things will get worse. This is not just a network marketing strategy, this is a system you can use for any goal pertaining to any area of your life.

Network Marketing Strategy - 5 Steps To Realizing Your Goals:

1. Establish Your Why. This is the reason you wanted to start a business in the first place. Your why needs to be compelling enough to make you get up in the morning and work for it everyday. Begin by asking, when I have completed this goal, how will it affect me? Also ask yourself, how will I be affected if I don't achieve it? Often people don’t like to look at the alternative of not reaching a goal, however, if the impact of you not reaching it won’t make a big difference in your life, then your why isn’t strong enough. When I was working toward my goal of being self employed, the thought of not making it and going to a job I had no passion for everyday was a huge motivating factor. In writing your why or your vision, you need to have supporting reasons for needing this goal. If you find it difficult to find ten to twenty supporting reasons, you need a different goal.

2. Write your goals down in present tense with a date for completion. For instance you might write, I make $5,000 each week by January 1, 2012. When you write your goal using phrases like I am, I make, I do, it affects how you believe and view yourself. By writing a goal as if it has been completed, it causes the subconscious mind to align dreams with reality. It then allows your mind to focus on the how questions, rather than the if questions. Your mind will naturally begin to gravitate towards solving problems, rather than focusing on the problem. It is much like programming positive thinking, since your thoughts believe you are already successful, you will take the right action, because your thoughts set your course.

3. Create a vision board. It is not enough to sit around and visualize or daydream about achieving your goals. We must have a focal point to remind us. Here is a personal example and proof this works. The business I work with offered a President's Club vacation to the Galapagos Islands. You can’t imagine how excited I was, since the Galapagos Islands was on my list of dream destinations, and now I had the opportunity to earn it completely paid for by my company. Immediately I did an online search of all the wonderful things we could do and see while there. I printed pictures and posted them in my office right above my computer screen where I would see them constantly. Due to the fact that my new goal was staring me in the eyes constantly, the hunger of the vision took over and caused me to act upon it. I then developed my plan of what I needed to do to reach this goal, breaking it down to weekly volume and activity required. Not only did we earn this trip, but we also landed in the top 10 volume producers in our company!

4. Write your goals everyday. The daily task isn't a long drawn out process, it is like your short list of goals, present tense with completed by dates. It is a process of programming your brain, much like a marriage between your goals and your subconscious, the two shall become one. The biggest mistake made in goal setting, is a person will write goals either at the beginning of their business, or the start of a new year, and then fail to review them until the following year. If you truly want to set the course for your dreams and action, you need to write them down every day faithfully.

5. Develop your plan. Now that you know what you want, you need to break it down into bite size chunks. This is a process of going from your big picture vision to defining the consistent action steps you must take to realize the goal. You can reference a detailed article I wrote on Network Marketing System For Goals -Breaking It Down To The Ridiculous, which teaches you exactly how to do this. Work your plan.

Make a decision today to follow the five steps network marketing strategy to realizing your goals. Commit to sticking with it for at least two months before checking your scoreboard and making changes. By being disciplined in the process, you should notice a significant difference in your productivity. Not to mention, it takes on average a minimum of 28 days to develop a habit, and this is one habit that produces fruit. The major difference between dreams and goals, is dreams are ideas that never leave the safety of our mind, where goals are simply dreams committed to paper, supported by a plan to reach them.

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Discover the goal setting steps Jodi Ouellette followed to become job free in six short months, and earn the trip of a lifetime by watching this video. Jodi is a 9 year industry veteran, expert in marketing and leadership development, and has a passion for teaching people strategies for transforming their business.

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