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Has Your Infertility Been Diagnosed As Mysterious? Get Pregnant With A Program That Honestly Works.

Author : Linda Cole

Copyright (c) 2010 Linda Cole

Have you seen a multitude of doctors, had endless blood tests and been subjected to many painful procedures only to be told that you your infertility is mysterious?

I can imagine you are trying to avoid all those baby shops and have shut the door on the room in your house you planned as the nursery. Right now you would be feeling disheartened and possibly depressed, as you so wanted a baby of your own.

You are not alone as many women are experiencing the same despair as they have all but given up hope of ever getting pregnant.

Many have possibly spent years on IVF (In Vitro fertilization) programs following the doctors orders as to the right time to make love with their partner and take drugs that gave them headaches and made them feel very sick. They probably would have endured many painful procedures as well.

All that pain and expense as fertility treatments are very costly just to be told they could not find the reason for your infertility.

Those in the know will beg to differ with this diagnosis, as they are aware that conventional fertility treatments are not often successful. In fact statistics show that 90 to 95% FAIL. What really works is a natural approach to infertility whether it is mysterious or not.

Sadly it is often not until many couples have endured years of IVF and forked out thousands of dollars do they desperately look for options. These alternatives being the holistic approach to getting pregnant. Thanks to the research done by women who were told their infertility was also irreversible many like them are getting pregnant and having beautiful, healthy babies. Imagine the joy they must feel when they hold their baby in their arms for the first time after years of disappointment.

Reversing infertility is all about attacking it at the source. If our reproductive system is ill then it is important to analyze our general health. If we are abusing this fundamental ingredient that is imperative to our survival then we can make the appropriate changes necessary to heal the sickness.

We need to start with a major detox and there are some good herbal cleansers that can help with that.

Next we need to quit smoking, drinking and any caffeine intake (coffee). This part may not be so easy but if you can focus on the prize which is you're first born baby you will be able to stay motivated. These toxins are a major cause of infertility in men and women and will harm the baby as it tries to grow in the first nine months of its life.

If you have been able to give up these habits then bravo as it is not easy.

Your diet may at present be a fast food one lacking in essential nutrients so it has to change to a healthy one of fruit, vegetables and whole grains mixed with some supplements. These will not only boost your fertility but will ensure the genetic code of the baby is intact and give them a fantastic start in life.

These supplements include zinc, selenium, fatty acids, and folic acid. Vitamins to are A, C, E, B12 and B6. If you are 35 or over it is essential you take these supplements, as the body does not retain them as well once you get older.

This time you have a blood test it will be to determine what vitamins or minerals you may be deficient in. Many women have conceived very quickly once a deficiency was detected and treated.

An exercise program is very helpful in clearing the body of toxins and the well being of your whole baby. Fertility yoga is getting some great results and hopefully will be available where you live.

Stress is a major player in men and women becoming infertile. We live in a world filled with it. Ways to ease stress could be meditation, yoga, a positive attitude and my favorite, which is good old-fashioned laughter. Have you ever noticed how stressed you can be feeling and something funny happens and stress just seems to dissipate? Maybe it is time to get some of those funny old movies out.

It is important to know exactly when you are ovulating and you can purchase an ovulation kit to help you pin down those precious times when you are extremely fertile. Try not to make your love making a chore as it will not only put pressure on your relationship but it will also hinder fertility. Once you have finished intercourse lie there for awhile with your legs slightly raised. It all helps.

If you have taken some of this well-meaning advice on board you may already be pregnant. Modern science found ways for women to get pregnant by administering strong drugs and painful procedures. The problem is the side effects such as multiple births can leave some women in a worse state than when they started. A natural and sensible approach to infertility is proving highly successful. I am not sure why some people are surprised by that as nature has always in its infinite wisdom provided everything we need to stay well and in excellent health.

I think babies are very smart because they seem to intuitively know what shape their future mother needs to be in for them to finally come and begin the first nine months of their lives.

If you began this article in despair believing motherhood was not meant to be for you I implore you to turn the page and begin a brand new approach to getting pregnant. Many women who have followed the regime I have laid out have become pregnant very quickly and have delivered healthy babies. Their infertility that had plagued them for so long was completely reversed.

Your body is a temple and the home of your future children.

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Getting pregnant Naturally regardless of age or medical problem is a thing of the past. By visiting this site you will be introduced to a powerful and EXTREMELY EFFECT program that is getting women all over the world pregnant no matter how long they have been trying for.

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